It’s A Vince Gill Weekend On The Country Music Greats Radio Show!



Howdy-do folks!  I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week and are ready for some more great country music!


You know, too often we disregard more current acts as not being ‘country’ enough.  And while there are certainly entertainers out there who carry the ‘country’ label but are about as ‘country’ as Pace Picante, there are a few acts who really hold true to the traditional sounds.


And folks, we feel that Vince Gill is one of those artists.  His guitar playing and singing all ring of a deep love and study of bluegrass music…and we can’t get enough of it!


That’s why this week, we’re focusing our entire show on Mr. Gill and his vast catalog of great country music.  We’re stretching back all the way to the early 80’s and we bring you all the way up to the current era, where Vince’s country swing band “The Time Jumpers” are making headlines in Nashville at this very moment!


This show’s got a little bit of everything and I would hate for you to miss it.  So please do yourself a favor and tune in to the Country Music Greats Radio Show!


Have a great week, and we’ll see you on the radio!





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