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Hey, friends. I wanted to give another quick introduction to our new podcast that is underway here at the Hard Scuffle Studios. In case you haven’t heard, myself, Engineer Mike, and my good man, Webmaster Rich, have began our new podcast, Talkin’ Country. The Talkin’ Country podcast was inspired by a lot of the discussion regarding the music that we play on the Country Music Greats Radio Show with Jim Ed Brown.

I’ve had some general podcast questions from our Facebook fans. For those of you unfamiliar with podcasts, let me give you a brief description. A podcast is a series of download-able, or web-streamed programs that will be released periodically. For starters, you do not need to have an iPod, or an MP3 player, to listen to our podcast. You can listen to our Talkin’ Country podcast by streaming directly from our website. Of course, if you do have an iPod or an MP3 device, you can use our download feature and listen to the show whenever you like.

Rich and I have created our Talkin’ Country podcast as a conversational program that is, as you might have guessed, classic country oriented. We discuss anything from our favorite classic country artists to the current state of country music with our Nashville perspective. Rich and I will never claim to be the ultimate authority on country music, we are just big fans and love doing what our title suggests, talking about country.

To get things going, we’d really love to hear from you all about any of your ideas. Perhaps you have a favorite artist that you feel does not get the attention that they deserve. Maybe you have a funny story or a personal experience with a country star that you would like to tell us about.

Do you have anything that you’d like us to discuss, then drop us a line! Tell us what’s on your mind.

Here’s where you can email us:

How to get the podcast:

  • Download it directly by clicking here (right click and then select “Save Link As…” for Firefox users or “Save Target As…” for Internet Explorer users)
  • Go to our Talkin’ Country page and use any of the links to the podcast you see there
  • It should be available on iTunes as well. Simply search for “Talkin’ Country” or “classic country music” and look for podcasts.

So come check out the podcast, we hope you’ll love it!

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