Country Music In The Movies

Music is such an important part of a movie. It can tell a story… but more importantly, it can make you feel the scene. Country Music is widely known for its storytelling capabilities, so it’s not too strange that Hollywood likes to use it too.

In 1980 alone, country music was featured in 5 Major Movie projects. It was front and center in the life story of Loretta Lynn as Coal Miners Daughter, the Redheaded Stranger Willie Nelson got to stay in character in Honeysuckle Rose, and an ENTIRE script was written around the Kenny Rogers’ hit The Gambler. Or maybe you remember learning the 2-step with the rest of the country in Urban Cowboy? And who could forget Dolly Parton’s good-timing in 9 to 5?

This week, we’re playing you all the great classic country songs featured in the movies. So grab your popcorn, shine your shoes, and join us for the Country Music Greats Radio show… home of Real Country Music.

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Lookin’ For Love – Johnny Lee (Urban Cowboy)

Glen Campbell – Rhinestone Cowboy (Rhinestone)

Sneak Peek of This Week’s Show

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