Gather ‘Round Your Radios For Hank Williams Jr.!



Folks, he’s a legend and a legacy…


Hank Jr. was born and raised in the South and that you can still hear the swamp in his music.  He deftly mixes country, blues, gospel, and rock ‘n roll to create a distinctive “Bocephus” sound.


He’s come a long way from his early days of aping his legendary father, and while his antics may have gotten him into some hot water from time to time, the fact of the matter is that Hank Williams Jr. is a country music stalwart.


That’s why we’re featuring Hank Jr. as our ‘artist in the spotlight’ this week!  We’re going to be playing all of the Bocephus tunes you know and love, plus classic tracks from his father and all the best classic country you’ve come to expect from us…


It won’t be the same without you, folks!  So gather all your rowdy friends together this weekend and get ready for our Hank Williams Jr. program right here on the Country Music Greats Radio Show…we’ll see you there!



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