Jean Shepard In The Hard Scuffle Studios!

It’s been another great week, Country Music Fans!

We’ve got a big show coming up for you this weekend that you can’t afford to miss.  We were honored to have country legend Jean Shepard, right here in our very own Hard Scuffle Studios for a little interview.

Jean and Jim Ed have been friends for a very long time.  Since way back when their careers were first getting started, actually!  And it really shows with their relaxed and candid conversation.

Not only do we have our interview with Jean, but the whole show is dedicated to her.  In addition to our weekly fare of great, classic country music, we’ll be playing all of Jean’s best songs…and she’s got some stories to tell about them, I don’t mind saying!

Not only that, but the Country Music Greats Radio Show has a new sponsor in Springer Mountain Farms Chicken.  They’re a family company based out of Georgia that raises their chickens with no hormones or anti-biotics…so you can be sure it’s the safest chicken for you and your family.  Look for it at your local grocery store!

You won’t want to miss this one, folks.  We’ll see you on the radio!


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