Meet Me In 1968 And Don’t Be Late!




Howdy to all you great country fans out there…


Guess what?  This week’s Country Music Greats Radio Show is all about the year 1968!  Boy, I wasn’t even born yet in 1968, but I reckon that’s when country music hit a tremendously creative and adventurous period.


Between The Hag’s “Sing Me Back Home,”  Henson Cargill’s “Skip A Rope,”  and Loretta Lynn’s “Fist City,” I don’t see how anyone couldn’t love that music or what it meant for the Country genre as a whole.


It’s one of my favorites and I’m truly excited to be able to bring all these great tunes to all you fine folks out there in radio land.   This one’s for the record books, folks!


Enjoy this video of  “Sing Me Back Home,” then hop in our time machine with us and set the dial to 1968!  We’ll see you on  the radio!



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