This Week, We’re Rockin’ With The Rhythm Of The Judds!



Folks, if you know Jim Ed…then you know how much he loves duets.  He’s had major success singing with his sister Maxine when they were at the very dawn of their careers, not to mention a bunch of hits in the seventies with Mrs. Helen Cornelius…

So of course, when it comes time to do a show about famous duos, we couldn’t be more excited.  And this week, friends…is all about mother/daughter duo Naomi and Wynonna…The Judds!

For you folks that remember country music in the 1980’s, you most certainly remember these gals.  In addition to 14 number one country hits, they have racked up five Grammy Awards and Eight CMA Awards. So, it’s quite a daunting challenge to do their stellar career justice in a matter of two hours, but we’re giving it the old college try! 

Of course, we’ll also be playing a great mix of all your other classic country favorites from the 1950’s on up… 

So make sure to join us this week, on the Country Music Greats Radio Show, and don’t be late!

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