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Happy Friday, Folks!


Now, as you all know…we love the good, classic country around here.  The only problem is, the definition of classic is constantly changing with the passage of time.  As the clock ticks, more and more artists slip into that elusive genre of “classic.”

Well, we happen to think this man should be included in the new class of classic.  His first hit came out over 20 years ago after all!


The point is, this week’s episode of the Country Music Greats Radio Show is going to take a look at the life and career of Mr. Clint Black.  He’s had 13 Number One hits in his career, 5 ACM Awards, 2 CMA honors, and has performed on the hallowed Grand Ole Opry Stage.


You might also remember having seen him in some films too.  Did you ever see Flicka?  He starred in that one, and also played a supporting role in one of our favorite movies, Maverick.


Of course, as usual, we’ll be playing all of your classic favorites from the likes of Willie Nelson, Jean Shepard, and Buck Owens…


Be sure not to miss this one folks.  Put on your black cowboy hat and we’ll see you on the radio!


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